Frequently asked questions

We'll get you back on the road again...

My vehicle was damaged through no fault of my own, what can do for me?
We specialise in looking after drivers who have been invlved in a no-fault accident. We provide a like for like vehicle while you are without yours, we then arrange repairs to your vehicle at a repairer of your choice. There will be no excess to pay and we will ensure that your no claims bonus is unaffected. We can also inroduce you to our specialists in road traffic accident injury, our service guarantees that you keep 100% percent of any compensation won; coupled with a no win no fee service.
My vehicle could be beyond 'Written Off' what happens next?
We will arrange for your vehicle to be examined by an independent assesment engineer who will agree a valuation with us based your vehicles current retail market value not ust a trade value guide, this will ensure that the settlement you receive if fair and represents the cost of replacing the vehicle not what you would expect to recieve as a trade in. We will then ensure that the valuation is passed to the insurer and that the settlement is received promptly and forwarded to you in full.
My vehicle has been 'Written off' how long can I keep the replacement?
As long as your vehicle has not been repaired and is therefore not roadworthy you may keep your replacement vehicle. Our service provides for you keeping the the vehicle for a further seven days once payment has been received to enable you to purchase a replacement vehicle.
How can you do all this at no cost to me?
The insurers of the at fault driver are liable for and will settle any losses suffered by you as a result of their insured fault in the accident. They will recover all costs including out of pocket expenses, vehicle repairs and any other out of pocket expenses. Our services are in effect funded through the other parties insurance at no cost to you.