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Few people have more than one accident every six years which means that most people are unaware of how to manage the post accident process with the least inconvenience. At Accident Management, we help around 100,000 people a year navigate their way through the maze. We have set out below the steps you might expect in your journey with us.

As soon as possible after your involvement in an accident call us on 0330 3300 331
Please have as much information as you can to hand relating to the accident circumstances and the details of the third party. We need you to let us have details of the third party vehile registration, the vehicle make and model, the insurance company and the insurance policy number together with your details and the name and address of any witness
Talk to our experts
We are usually able to establish who was to blame for the accident in a matter of minutes based on the descrpiption you provide. We may occasioanlly need to make some further enquiries but these are usually handled rapidly. Even though most incidents are relatively straight forward, wherever possible, photographs of the location and damage to your vehicle are very helpful
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